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Licensing Information
I am a disabled veteran and this is currently the only way I can express my creative side.  
I don't run this as a for profit business but rather as a hobby and any income goes directly back into the hobby.  
Any donations you can make are greatly appreciated and will keep the images coming.
Free use:
Images that come from my Flickr or Facebook pages may be used for personal use such as desktop wallpaper, a personal blog or personal website at no costs so long as the watermark and image remain unchanged from how they were posted.  

If you need a unique size for your system or device, please contact me from the contact page. Provide me with the image you wish to use and the size in pixels that you need.

To download the various sizes from Flickr just click on the three dots located on the right panel below the description. Choose Download / All Sizes and click on the size that best suits your needs. For most devices you can choose “View all sizes” then click on the size you want. When the image is displayed, right click on the image and choose Set As Background.    For Facebook it's best to link to the image or you can right click on the image once it is displayed and save it .

If used on a personal website or blog,  YOU MUST back to my site (YosemiteLandscapes.com) or the Flickr image and notify me.



Licensing an image for Business:
Prices for licensing will vary greatly depending on your planned use of the image.

Typical pricing is as follows:
Business (non-resale) no expiration.
Full license including Electronic & Print up to 24 inches wide, max 2000 copies.  -  $300.
Business Electronic only (single website, presentations, video and web banner …)   - $185
Business Print only (brochure, pamphlet, poster, business card …)  up to 24 inches max of 2000 copies  - $185
Business Web Banner (single domain) up to 1920 pixels wide - $75

Licensing an image for Non-Profit
Approved Non-Profit (non-resale) receive up to 40% off the price of business licensing. 
Non-profits organizations include but are not limited to Churches, Environmental, Humane, Children, Community, Clinic State and Federal Government

Business License

Resale Licensing:

A resale license gives you the right to sell the image on a product or as an image.   Since the size and expected production size will vary please contact me with as many details as possible.   We will need the following information to provide you a quote.

  • Detailed description of product.
  • Expected initial production numbers.
  • Approximate size of final image
  • Will this need to be exclusive?
Full purchase with all rights:
Yes, you may purchase all rights to an image.  The price will vary from image to image based on the size and popularity of the image so it’s important to contact me to get an exact price.   This gives you the right and flexibility to use the image anyway you wish and to enforce the copyright of the image.   In essence the image is yours to use with the following exceptions.  At all times I reserve the right to display the image in my portfolio and website and claim the image as my work.  You may not claim the image alone as a work of your own or indicate that you created the image.   Credit is not required but is appreciated.      

Personal Website (no watermark):
For personal websites with a direct link to my site and credit for the image there is a nominal fee of $10.   The credit and link should appear near but not on the image and can be made so as not to distract from the site.   If you wish to use the image without credits the fee is $25.   While you will receive the full size image, the maximum size shall not exceed 1920 pixels at the widest point when published on the website.   The image may be printed on your personal home printer only and shall not exceed 12” at the widest point.  
Personal Site
If you are asking for a donation or in exchange for credit or links you are asking a lot.  I am a generous person but the cost of the camera, lenses, travel, accessories, computer, software, this  website and store make it difficult to just give the work away and I already have a number of causes that I support.   I am not saying you can’t ask but generally if you are getting paid for the cause then I think it’s fair that I get something to help cover my costs.  It’s probably more likely to happen if you make an offer of some sort and we can work together for just causes.  

Yes - I will negotiate the price and licensing options listed here. Contact me for details.
I am pretty flexible and try my best to work with to meet your needs.
Contact me prior to purchase if you have any questions or concerns.
Discounts available for offered for multiple image purchase.
You may swap out at a future date for another image for a reduced fee.

All licensing is non-transferable without prior approval. A transfer fee may apply.
Images are available for full size review (zoomable via the website) upon request.
16 Bit TIFF or PSD files available. Additional fee may apply.
Refunds are not possible after 14 days.   
Gratuities are non-refundable.  
Please keep image files secure as you would your own personal files.
Please allow up to 3 days for me to reply. I usually reply within 24 hours when a connection is available.

Just a few of many Satisfied Clients:
Valley Yellow Pages
Selected as the cover for the 2012/2013 Valley Yellow Pages covering Monterey, Carmel, Salinas, & San Benito County.

Fresno Airport Mural
Can you believe 68 feet wide, 7 feet tall from a DSLR? The Mural in the Yosemite International Airport in Fresno California

Lovers Point Inn - Pacific Grove California
Lovers Point Inn - Pacific Grove California
Where Guestbook - San Francisco 2014 (Front Cover and Opeing Centerfold)
American Spirit Magazine - July/August Issue 2008
Save The Redwoods League - 2010 Calendar & Spring 2009 news letter.
And many more...


Darvin & Lynneal Atkeson