Yosemite Landscapes

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Custom Prints:

Want something unique and really special?   I offer custom prints on Aluminum.    The dyes are directly infused into the specially coated aluminum sheets that are highly durable, easy  to clean, easy to hang and require no framing.   An image can be printed up to  48"x96" and float 3/4" above the wall.    Custom sizes are available to fit your exact needs.  

Aluminum Prints:

It may seem odd to print a beautiful landscape on a sheet of 1/16th aluminum but once you have seen it you may never want to print any other way.   I have one hanging in my home and I have to say the aluminum is my favorite surfaces to print on which is why I bother to offer the custom option.    Here are just a few of the reasons I love aluminum prints:

Brilliant Color You can print directly on the aluminum giving the image a luminescent metallic glow great in low light or go with the more standard look of a white backing for vibrant deep color.   Either way you will be blown away by the intense clarity that will draw your attention in any room.   It really is stunning to open up and see for the first time.
Cost Initially the cost is a bit more than the professional photo print you have seen on most photography.   However when you consider the cost of backing, framing and glass the aluminum is often the less expensive route.    It can be hung directly on the wall with no framing and gives a beautiful contemporary look and feel and there is no reason you cannot frame it without any backing should you desire.   Personally I like mine using the Float Mount that hovers less than an inch off the wall. 
Durability It is after all, 1/16th inch aluminum and because it is metal is not prone to breaking.   The surface is more durable than paper photo prints and can be cleaned much as you would clean your flat panel TV or Monitor with mild window cleaner and a soft clean cloth. 

Weight These are ultra light weight.   Even the largest prints can be hung by one person while dangling on the side of staircase.   Okay, not something I recommend but I have done it.   My 6 foot wide print was a breeze to hang over our staircase with a simple picture hanger meant for small picture frames.   No need for a large hole or heavy hardware that can damage your wall.  

To order an Aluminum Print click on the Contact Page and send me a note letting me know which image and the aproximate size.  


Darvin & Lynneal Atkeson