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I've been visiting Yosemite since I was a young child and since that time I have gazed in wonder at the sheer beauty of the California's landscapes.  I can spend hours standing in a meadow watching the ever changing scene in awe of the wonder in which we live.   I love the artistry of nature.   When the art class was unavailable I opted reluctantly for the photography class and found it challenging and equally rewarding though it would be years before I would combine my love of art and my photography together.  

If you enjoy Yosemite or California landscape photography please join me as I explore the state which I have called home all my life.   From the stunning scenery in Yosemite National Park to the coastline of California there is no place quite like California for landscape photography.   In a state that has it all, I have seen so much and yet there is always plenty more to explore and adventures yet to find.   

Yosemite National Park is arguably the most stunningly beautiful jewels of our National Parks.   The towering granite cliffs of Yosemite create incredible landscapes from delicate tall grass meadows with slow flowing rivers to cascading waterfalls that are some of the highest in the world.  Yosemite Valley is easily accessible to all levels of hikers and offers some of the most dramatic scenery for landscape photographers.  The high country which is open Spring through Fall, is still easily accessed through Tuolumne Meadows with stunning peaks that surround a large alpine meadow through which the Tuolumne river gently flows past the campgrounds and on through the meadow.  For those who need a bit more challenge, Yosemite backcountry offers the epic towering snow capped peaks that is reflected in pristine clear water lakes.   

In a somewhat odd mix you will also find my Boston fan art posters and fine art prints.  The project started out as a project to learn new software for work.  The first results were less than stellar but the band Boston's  huge fan base helped encourage me to take it far beyond its original concept and Boston would become familiar with that art and eventually offer me the cover of one of their albums.   It went on to concert posters, t-shirts and I would eventually render a number of images for the band and the experience of seeing my artwork grace their merchandise has been phenomenal.  The Boston images have all been done in very high resolution for fine art prints but work equally well as a poster.   Be sure to check out the Boston artwork and if you get a chance to see them live in concert I highly recommend you do.

I offer Fine Art prints, Canvas of most all the images on this site.  Images can be purchased securely on line and are printed by a professional lab and sent straight to you or check out my digital files which allow you to print the images through a third party print lab of your choice. 


Life, Love & Hope
Cover Art by Darvin Atkeson
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